So the results are…

1st place- Josh Mabee\ Gary Leroy- 25.95 pounds

2rd place- Scott Guimond\ Eric Guimond- 24.66 pounds

3rd– Fran Hogue\ Mike Hogue- 24.60 pounds

4th– Steve Wilson\ Eric Low- 22.25 pounds

5th– Charles Towns\Dennis Carrier- 22.23 pounds

6th-Roger Laflamme\Herb Meyer- 22.11 pounds

7th-Scott Hinds\Aaron Watson- 21.78 pounds

8th– Chris Bogue\Mark Loose- 21.72

9th-Gary Rutkiewicz\David Cassello  -21.37 pounds

10th– Mike Martina\Dick warhurst- 21.19 pounds

Total raised for Maine Special Olympics- $17,113.00

We gave back to contestants $8800.00 in cash prizes and $3830.00 worth of product in prizes for a total of $12,630.00 to contestants!

Thank you to all of our participants and supporters.  Another great year!

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