1st Place-Scott Harris and Steve Harris with 29.85
2nd Place-Osgood and Jed Harris with 26.38
3rd Place-George Cooper and Dwayne Tournage with 26.31
4th Place-John Dean and Jake Fanuet with 25.20
5th Place-Bob Smith and John Suplicki with 24.64
6th Place-Scott Hinds and Aaron Watson with 24.32
7th Place-Scott Guimond and Eric Guimond with 24.22
8th Place-Troy Garrison and Jim Fitzsimmons with 23.11
9th Place-Darryl Fitzgerall and Rocky Torrey with 21.99
10th Place-Scott Barker and Rosa Barker with 21.72

And not to forget lunker!
Largemouth, Al and Lisa Cappy with 5.91
Smallmouth tie, Tony Tringali and Bruce Richards, both with 3.78

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