1st place: Rosa and Scott Barker – 26.27 lbs
2rd place: John Suplicki and Ken Whittaker – 24.30 lbs
3rd place: John Dean and Jake Faneuf – 23.63 lbs
4th place: Dave Mcnary and Seth Mcnary – 23.06 lbs
5th place: Jane and Everett Wrightington – 22.54 lbs
6th place: Victor Mcnary and Mike Mcnary – 21.96 lbs
7th place: Mark Osgood and Jed Harris – 21.35 lbs
8th place: Scott Harris and Steve Harris – 20.92 lbs
9th place: Wilson Rutherford and Mike Carroll – 20.58 lbs
10th place: Jeremy VonOesen and Jorren VonOesen – 19.22 lbs


Large mouth lunker: Team Scott and Steve Harris – 5.93 lbs
Small mouth lunker: Team Scott and Rosa Barker – 4.82 lbs

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